Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Talk about Day Two!

"Day two of what,?" you ask? Fallbrook and Chateau de Fleurs, of course! Am I a little crazy about this artwork? Yes! But I simply could not be in that environment, surrounded by such beauty, and not smile. I was instantly happy, which, by the way, also makes my husband very happy.

So, it's Saturday, day two in Fallbrook, and we first head back over to Chateau de Fleurs for Round Two because at this point, I'm a little worried that the two pictures I want the most may be gone. I know, I know, times are tough and I really shouldn't be spending money on "luxury" items (and trust me, these are so luxurious). But Christie had the most gracious "buy one, get one free" sale that I just could not help myself.

Not to mention, Christie is one of the most sweet, humble, genuine, wonderful Christian women I have ever met. She was so patient and indulged me in every picture I wanted to take with her. The Lord has truly blessed her with talent.

After much deliberation (because although I thought I knew exactly which two pieces I had decided on, I was extremely distracted by so many other great potential new additions to my home), I chose the two pictures you see above with Christie and me.

This is Alice and me.  She is full of spunk, a total sweetheart, and from what I gathered, a great help to Christie in the Studio.

Here is Rita Reade, creator of Mammabellarte, and also Christie's Sister-In-Law.  Rita was a lot of fun, full of energy, and had some wonderful items for sale amongst her beautiful displays.  She had some really great soldered necklaces too, that even if I tried to describe them, I could not do them justice.  I would recommend heading on over to her blog the first chance you get.  She has so many more pictures for your enjoyment too!

Aren't these flowers lovely?  They were part of a gorgeous display that caught my eye in the Blossoms tent by Debbie Watts. Gosh, there were so many wonderful vendors -- Tattered Goods, Sweet Magnolia's Farm, Junk Fairy, The Ivy Nest.  I may even have to come back later and list more.

Now I wish I'd taken more pictures to share with you.  Oh well, I plan to head back on September 17th & 18th for the next Marketplace at Chateau de Fleurs.  Plan to go and, I promise, you won't be disappointed!

As much fun as I had at the actual Marketplace, I was so looking forward to the next step which to me is just as exciting -- decorating! Where shall I place my new treasures? Well, check it out --

I truly hope you enjoyed sharing my adventure in Fallbrook and decorating my home as much as I did. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Blessings, Diane


  1. Beautiful post! I love the photos.

  2. I love all your reds! So nice to have met you and your husband. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. How romantic and beautiful! Just my style! Thanks for folowing! I'm following you back!
    Have a pretty night,

  4. Diane, I do agree! Content is my new favorite word!

  5. Hi Diane , what a sweet post on our event. It was truly a pleasure to have both you and your Husband visit us in Fallbrook! Christie

  6. I do love roses too...and in textiles too! They are so romantic.


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